Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Week

Does anyone else think the first week of school seems very long?  I think it is because we talk, and talk, and talk at the kids.  A friend of mine overheard her 5 year old granddaughter say, "Grandpa why don't all flowers look like roses?"  Grandpa replied, " I don't know, ask your teacher."
Granddaughter "No, my teacher doesn't know"-
Grandpa "How do you know that?".
- Because all she knows are rules!"
...of course first week of kindergarten just ended!LOLOL

I think that is probably how some of my students might feel about our class.   We listened to a story about a monster who didn't follow the rules.  We came up with a list of rules and grouped them into 5 nice rules for our class.  Everyday we have reviewed the rules.  Thankfully, all the rule talk is paying off and my little firsties are doing well with following the rules.  2 more weeks of training and we should be good to go..... until the full moon that is.

I ended my first week of school by sending my youngest child and only daughter off to college.  She is going to a small college in St. Augustine.  The campus is beautiful and her room is in a historic hotel.  Her dining hall is home to the largest collection of Tiffany stained glass in the country.  After spending the late afternoon with her, I am at peace knowing she has a fabulous roommate, is in a great school where she is not a number, and that she is happy.


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