Thursday, August 16, 2012

Must Have

3M Command Adhesive Hook Value Pack, Medium, Holds 3-lb, White, 6/PackAs I am putting the finishing touches on my classroom and the first week lesson plans I have to say that 3M is just the best company in the world.... Or at least in my classroom.  My classroom has 3 concrete block walls and a plaster wall.  Nothing ever stays on the block walls.  The air conditioning is turned off at night and on the weekends and prevents items from staying on the wall.  Well, not anymore!  This miracle product stays on the walls until I decide to remove it.  Best of all there is no damage to the walls.  I have the hooks, the poster hangers and the picture hangers.  It is so much better than the sticky tack or the masking tape(would never put that on a wall... it might remove paint)  that I used before. 


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