Saturday, October 5, 2013

Johnny Appleseed

This past week we learned about Johnny Appleseed.  We read the Stephen Kellogg book about him. We answered many text dependent questions and expanded our vocabulary.  Two of our favorite words were boisterous and tranquil.  All of my students will tell you that I prefer a tranquil class over a boisterous one. After reading and rereading the book, the students picked out important facts from the story to use to create our own book about Johnny Appleseed.  I printed each fact on a large piece of construction paper and the students illustrated the pages. Then I took pictures of each page and loaded them into PhotoStory3 - a free program from Microsoft.  As a class we added narration and background music.  I think they had the most fun creating the music for the background.  Photostory3 has many choices for styles of music. I tweaked the zooming and panning and saved the project as a video.  Here is the finished project.  


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